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Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas. Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.


BFP can leverage decades of diverse operational management expertise gained across multiple industries with leading industry players and consulting firms, and can support effectively its clients across their business development and portfolio management projects.

Market Development Advisory

BFP conducts market entry studies and strategic partners search, looking globally for investors (trade/financial), operators, distributors and technology providers across the feedstock spectrum.

Operational Advisory

BFP is deeply involved in several decarbonizing projects, acting as Advisor to strategic developments of biocomponents also with major Oil&Gas players and biofuels players as well as supporting to innovative technologies to assess market entry (e.g. biodiesel, HVO, cellulosic ethanol, bio-jet, biogas & biomethanol)

Due Diligence/ Deal Sourcing

BFP uses its extensive network and sector expertise to identify and screen attractive small to mid-cap investment opportunities for private equity and trade investment partners.

Strategic Investments

BFP can invest alongside its partners, thus aligning its interests and use of its experience in growth strategy and operational improvement to help create more value.

Biofuels & Biomass Brokerage

BFP acts as a broker of biofuels (first and second generation biodiesel and ethanol) and bioliquid feedstock (waste based lipids, animal fats) dealing with trusted suppliers, putting in contact buyers and sellers, coordinating logistics and managing the administrative and sustainability issues.

Viale Bianca Maria 28 – 20129 Milano (Italy) | ph: +39 339 491 3726 | e-mail: |
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Viale Bianca Maria 28 – 20129 Milano (Italy) | ph: +39 339 491 3726 | e-mail: | Privacy Policy Sito Web Cookie Policy